An Independent Review of Poker Training Network

If you watch TV in any respect, you can not pass over it. Poker tournaments – massive poker tournaments. Celebrity Texas Hold’em, poker in Las Vegas, poker in the Caribbean, poker anywhere. Even neighborhood charities are strolling Texas Hold’em tournaments as fund-raisers. Is all this recognition a fad, or is it a real possibility? Can you make money doing this? This Poker Training Network overview is goal. I am no longer a part of the business, so you do not have to worry that I am making an MLM pitch disguised as a overview.


The humans behind The Poker Training Network business are making a  poker terbaik  bet it isn’t a fad. In truth, they have got numbers to lower back up their position. This is the primary try to combine poker and MLM. There are 300 million humans round the arena who play poker in general, and Texas Hold’em especially. The PTN parents believe the whole quantity of players will triple in a few years. The employer is based in Addison, Texas, and that they have a totally skilled management group. There is a good blend of poker understanding and Network Marketing business enterprise experience. The control team seems to be very strong. This truth by way of itself will not assure achievement, but it absolutely facilitates. It is one of the key belongings you have to study when comparing any MLM possibility.


The Poker Training Network business possibility has numerous exceptional poker training and poker training products. When you spot the human beings on TV prevailing a bunch of cash in poker tournaments, those are the humans who’ve evolved their craft in character and on-line. This takes time and money. The employer believes they’ve the whole lot you would need in one spot. There are product services for beginners in addition to experienced gamers. The Poker -TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) line of education products levels from $14.Ninety five a month to $forty nine.Ninety five a month. There is a Poker Edge product to be had for a one time cost of $299.Ninety five. I found out the tough way years in the past that I was now not a poker player. However, the goods have large training for folks who want to research.


The commercial enterprise possibility itself is $forty nine.95 one time. There is a month-to-month price of $19.95 for the Business Builder System. People searching at an MLM corporation will certainly need to recognize how they would get paid. The Poker Training Network business has a quite trendy compensation plan – not anything unusual that might placed you off. There are 5 approaches to make money. There is retail, monthly residual, some matching bonuses, and a Global Leadership Pool. If you achieve the level of Qualified Black Rounder, you will get a car bonus.


If you are a severe poker participant, and also you want to get higher, this is a natural. Even if you’re not a poker participant it may be an excellent possibility. Over 60% of the folks that be a part of the Poker Training Network possibility do not play poker. Although it’s miles a nicely dependent opportunity, PTN seems to be in the same boat as most other MLM’s with regards to advertising. Your advertising and marketing, now not theirs. Their advertising goes pretty nicely. This Poker Training Network assessment is designed to inform you what the employer has and what they do not have. They do not have the tools to help you create your personal logo, generate your personal qualified leads on line and offline, and a way if you want to make cash while humans do not be a part of your enterprise. You must generate retail sales and develop an powerful downline crew. This is how residual earnings happens. A confirmed Attraction Marketing System will train you the competencies you will need to do that. Master this and become rich.